Rosa Parks and Her Contribution to Civil Rights

Rosa Parks was a huge part of the Civil Rights movement and was part of the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the NAACP. Continue reading Rosa Parks and Her Contribution to Civil Rights


Why Hitler Killed 6 Million People

Adolf Hitler was the leader of Germany during World War II. During his time as leader, he killed 6 million Jewish people in what is called the Holocaust. Hitler was a man that thought he was right but he just was just really selfish and crazy. Adolf Hitler caused the deaths of many innocent people by using fear and intimidation and blaming Germany’s economic problems on Jewish people.

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Black Panther Party: The True Revolution

By Mason

In the year 1965, the Civil Rights Act was going strong and African Americans were fighting more and more for equal rights. The Black Panther motion started for more black americans to push for separation from Caucasians “by any means necessary”. One of these groups was called the Black Panther Party who used armed self-defense and would observe police arrests to make sure that the arrested person would not be brutalized, made sure they were treated fairly, and that if the police start shooting at them they will be shooting right back at ‘em. Continue reading “Black Panther Party: The True Revolution”