Charleston Church Shooting

On January 17th , 2015 Dylan Roof attacked the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church and killed 9 people.  He was influenced by white supremacists’ opinions, which caused him to attack the church.This horrible event brought awareness to the problems America as a country is facing, and how badly we need to fix them.`Problems such as racism, radicalization, and gun control.

Dylan Roof was a white supremacist and used their viewpoints as his own, causing him to attack the church.  While interrogating Roof about the attack, he said that he “Had to do it” and regrets nothing.  Dylan Roof obviously thinks very differently than most people.  He believes that white people are superior. That mindset is wrong and extremely racist.  Secondly, an article describing Dylan Roof’s views and what caused them states “Meet the man behind the white supremacist website that inspired Dylan Roof: Kyle Rogers, a 38-year-old computer engineer from Ohio who once said he thought American slavery was like winning the lottery for black people.” This man made a website that fueled Dylan Roof’s opinions, and made him attack the church.This man should be in jail for causing an attack like this.The same article also explains the organization the man is with and the website that influenced Dylan Roof’s attack.  It is described as “The white nationalist group that Roof credited with inspiring his hateful radicalization.” The website and organization contributed heavily to Dylan Roof’s views. Dylan Roof was influenced by white supremacists’ thinking ,and websites like the ones he used.This caused him  to attack the church.Websites like this should be taken down or nonexistent


This horrible event brought lots of attention nationwide to The Black Lives     Matter Movement , hate crimes, and important people such as the president.  After the attack,  Barack Obama came to Charleston to give a eulogy. He talked about how we need to be accepting of everyone and find a way to stop these shootings. Also, Barack Obama believes that we can do something about the racism .This shooting was a horrible tragedy and many people heard Obama’s words. He brought attention to what we are doing wrong and the fact that we can fix it ourselves. He talked about how we can prevent mass shootings before they occur .  The attack also brought attention to how bad the racism problem is in our country. An article states “He said he wanted to start a civil war.” Many people knew about the racism in our country, but they ignored it. Such a national attack brought the attention to how bad the problem is in the USA. The attack also taught people that not all terrorists are Muslim and that generalizations should not be used.The article states “Roof’s attack is considered a terrorist act.”  The quote shows that terrorist are no certain group and could be anyone.This attack has brought attention to many controversial subjects and has taught people how much of a problem we have, and that we have to solve it.

Dylan Roof entering the church before the attack.

This event also led to lots of awareness about buying guns. In President Obama’s speech, he talked about the importance of checking people before they buy guns. President Obama stated “ Guns are just handed out to to anyone that wants one .We as a country need to increase gun security.  Innocent people were killed in part because someone who wanted to inflict harm had no trouble getting their hands on a gun.” Right now, gun regulation is relatively low and we need to strengthen it to protect people.  In the same article, the  evolution of gun control and how it is changing is shown.  Even the background check measure failed to gain enough support in the Senate in April 2013.  All people need to be fully background checked before they purchase a gun . I believe  this is mandatory.  Gun control has faced challenges through the years. The issue of gun control has been a problem for Washington for many years. Gun control is a huge issue that won’t be fixed until the government decides on a way to do it. In my opinion, gun control is essential .We need to do a background check on every person buying a gun so that these horrible events don’t happen.

These are the victims of the horrific attack.

The Charleston Church Shooting was a horrific event that left America shocked. It showed us that racism still exists , that anyone could be a terrorist, and that anyone could get their hands on a gun easily. If we want to prevent this from happening again, we need to fix these problems now.



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