Michael Brown Shooting

The Ferguson incident is very controversial and although the case for the incident is settled and the verdict was decided, people to this very day still discuss what happened on that fateful day of August 9th, in the year of 2014. Michael Brown was an African American 18-year-old. While Michael Brown and his friend Dorian Johnson walked down the street,  they had a run-in with a Caucasian police officer which ended up with Michael Brown shot and dead. It is hard for people to actually know what happened that day because everyone had so many different stories. The Michael Brown shooting was unacceptable and unnecessary, therefore, the police officer, Darren Wilson is at fault.

There were many witnesses that were able to give their take on the event. Most of the accounts told, corroborate and point to the fact that Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown in a unnecessary scenario. However, other witnesses told very different stories that put Michael Brown at fault. After Michael Brown and his friend, Dorian Johnson shoplifted from a convenience store, and walked down the street, they had an incident with a police officer, Darren Wilson, that ultimately ended with Michael dead, Darren at trial and Dorian tells us what his side of the story when he was with Michael. Dorian Johnson recounts, “It’s like tug of war. He’s trying to pull him in. He’s pulling away, that’s when I heard, ‘I’m gonna shoot you.’” Dorian Wilson, a witness who was with Michael Brown the entire time of this incident, says that Michael Brown had not attacked Darren Wilson in his car, and rather Wilson was the aggressive person and tried to grab Michael, but Michael was had pulled away. Then, Dorian heard Darren threaten to shoot Michael. Already, closest eye witness to the encounter says that Darren  had been racist and picked on them because of their race and was very cruel to them. PBS, a news station gathered all of the witness statements and points of view on the story and calculated some important statistics of the story. They included Darren Wilson himself in these statements. They also give a few sentences about the witnesses and details about case too. Laura Santhanam and Vanessa Dennis says,”More than 50 percent of the witness statements said that Michael Brown held his hands up when Darren Wilson shot him…Only five witness statements said that Brown reached toward his waist during the confrontation that lead up to Wilson shooting him to death. More than half of the witness statements said that Brown was running away from Wilson when the police officer opened fire on the 18-year-old…There was an even split among witness statements that said whether or not Wilson fired upon Brown when the 18-year-old had already collapsed onto the ground.” According to these statistics, and calculations we can generally sort and use corroboration to decide what exactly happened at this incident. For instance, since more than 50% of these witnesses say Michael surrendered and put his hands up, we can generally claim that it is most likely that Michael Brown had surrendered when Darren shot him to death. We can also tell, that Brown had been running from officer Darren Wilson when he shot him, as well as the placement of bullets in his back suggests that he had been running with his back to Darren and not running at Darren in an aggressive manner. Officer Darren Wilson, tells his side of the story of the incident and ultimately, the death of 18-year-old, Michael Brown. He tells his story to ABC news, a popular news station.  Dean Schabner states,“Officer Darren Wilson said Michael Brown “had the most intense aggressive face I’ve ever seen on a person,” when the unarmed 18-year-old turned to face him after the two struggled in Wilson’s patrol car, and the teen kept coming at him even after he’d shot him multiple times.” When Darren Wilson states that Michael Brown had been attacking and coming at Darren Wilson over and over again, this does not corroborate with many evidence and most eye witness testimonies. Witnesses and where the bullets were buried in Michael’s back points to a most likely suggestion that Michael Brown had been running away, not coming at Darren. Since Darren’s story is already not corroborating with other evidence and statements, it leaves readers wondering what else he could not be agreeing with as well. Many different witnesses have different stories to tell based on their point of view, everyone’s opinion is valued in the overall verdict of the jury in this trial for Darren Wilson. However, according to the corroboration of the data people have accumulated from different places, we can hypothesize that the death of Michael Brown was unethical and cruel.

There were many people who believed Michael Brown was at fault for his own death. Some witness accounts that put Michael at fault for this incident. Two very dominant points of view on this incident, and this is one. People on this point of view usually believe that Darren had reason to stop the two boys when they were walking down the street and recognized him from a store robbery. Michael perpetrated and antagonized Darren Wilson, which forced Darren to shoot the therefore, kill Brown out of pure defense. The Department of Justice writes about the shooting and the trial following soon afterwards. They state all the facts known in the case and what the jurors thought about the case as well. The Department of Justice states,“Under the law, it was not unreasonable for Wilson to perceive that Brown posed a threat of serious physical harm, either to him or to others. When Brown turned around and moved toward Wilson, the applicable law and evidence do not support finding that Wilson was unreasonable in his fear that Brown would once again attempt to harm him and gain control of his gun. No credible witness accounts that state that Brown was clearly attempting to surrender when Wilson shot him.” When the article says there was no evidence that suggested that Brown was surrendering when Wilson shot him, that is not true because Michael was shot right on the top of his head.  This shows that he probably was either falling because he was already dead or because he was surrendering. The latter seems more probable. The New Yorker, a news station, defended Darren Wilson and gave plenty of background knowledge on him as well as attempt to make us feel sorry for him by writing about what happened after the incident. Jake Halpern states,“Wilson, who is twenty-nine, started receiving death threats not long after the incident, in which Brown was killed in the street shortly after robbing a convenience store…Wilson has tried, with some success, to block it out.” Image result for officer darren wilsonDarren Wilson’s story emphasizes how Darren had been even as far as being called a hero and praised for fighting criminals and crime in his neighborhood when really, and truthfully, Darren maybe had not even known of the convenience store shoplifting and only stopped the pair because of his own racism. An article written by the Washington Post and Jonathan Capehart believes Darren Wilson had every right to shoot and kill Michael Brown. Capehart argues that Darren had already knew about the shoplifting from the convenience store and when he saw the two boys walking, noticed them from the description from the radio in his car and therefore, stopped the two boys. Capehart argues,“What DOJ found made me ill. Wilson knew about the theft of the cigarillos from the convenience store and had a description of the suspects. Brown fought with the officer and tried to take his gun.” Although this theory could be plausible, it is written and deemed from the government itself that the neighborhood this incident occurred in had a corrupt and racist law enforcement system and arrested way too many colored people than white people for unnecessary reasons. Many theories discuss what happened that day and so many testimonies come to different conclusions. It is so important to look at everyone’s point of view and not just the views you want to believe in.

This point of view is the other view that is most common among people on this event. Also, many witnesses back up this theory of what happened and confirm this telling of the story. People from this point of view generally believe that Michael had not antagonized Darren and that Darren had been racist by stopping the two boys walking down the street and not because of any reason. They also believe Darren had grabbed Michael and that Michael had pulled away and tried running away. When Darren shot him, he turned around with his hands up but Darren still shot him, and in an unnecessary number of shots. This article written by CNN before the bulk of information was released states what some people find it hard to admit and what the known witnesses at that time had said they saw. Eliott C. McLaughlin writes,“What police say was self-defense by the yet-to-be-named officer doesn’t jibe with the accounts of those who say they saw the encounter…Still in his car, the officer then grabbed Brown by his neck, Johnson said. Brown tried to pull away, but the officer kept pulling Brown toward him, he said.” Most witnesses statements don’t corroborate to Darren Wilson’s story and a few other witnesses. This shows that since a lot of people are saying basically the same thing, we can make a likely inference about what happened. CNN writes about what a witness saw and particularly what one of the witness said that gets readers thinking. Emanuella Grinbergs states,“The same witness who claimed to see Brown’s body jerk from a gunshot said Brown turned around and put his hands up… ‘That last set of rounds was what set off everyone who was watching, the witness said. Brown was already down. Did Wilson have to keep shooting?’” One witness out of the many others provides what their point of view which overall concludes that the witness thought that Darren Wilson was guilty. However, many other witnesses that have their point of view and this is only one of many witnesses that helped people see that Michael Brown’s death was not necessary. A news station tells what Michael’s best friend, Dorian Johnson’s point of view on the story was and how he saw it. Jeff Roberson writes,“While Mr Brown was running away from Mr Wilson, Mr. Johnson says that his friend was shot once from behind and then turned to face the police officer while raising his arms in the air. According to Mr Johnson, the officer fired several more shots at Mr Brown before he fell to the ground.” Dorian Johnson was in this shooting the entire time and was with Michael even before the encounter with Darren. His statement is highly valued and for him to say this changes so many people’s points of view and is added to the long list of witnesses who claim Darren guilty for the murder of Michael Brown. Many witnesses that testify that Michael Brown died unnecessarily and that there had been no reason for him to die. The fact that the government deemed the area’s law enforcement program they were in as racist and corrupt adds more fuel to the fire and makes it clear that Darren Wilson should have been found guilty in his trial.

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Darren Wilson is clearly at fault for Michael Brown’s death. Even though many other people disagree, they simply do not enough evidence to back up their theories. It is obvious based on all the evidence provided that Darren only pulled over, and tried to shoot the two colored men because of racism. Michael Brown’s death brought people together all over, from so many different cultures and backgrounds. It is amazing how people can come together to fight for what they believe in and to fight for what it is right. The Michael Brown case is one of many cases where racism pushes people to kill others based on their looks. Will you stand up for what is right among many others?


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