Child Labor In Our Society

The Industrial Revolution was a time period that went on from the 18th century to the 19th century where there was a transition from a farm-based economy to a machine and industrial economy. The company owners needed more employees for their companies to succeed. They had an idea to put children in the factories, which is now known as child labor. Child labor during the Industrial Revolution was dreadful for children who worked in dangerous factories which caused injuries and death, left their childhood and forced to leave their families away.

During the Industrial Revolution, the children were forced to work in dangerous factories at risk of death and injuries from the dangerous equipment, lack of food, and exhausting hours. During this time period, children were injured or even killed mostly by heavy equipment in factories. The article explains,  “Large, heavy, and dangerous equipment was very common for children to be using or working near. Many accidents occurred injuring or killing children on the job.“ The children went through a rough time period, because they were at risk of getting injured or even dying, and most of them did die or get injured. Furthermore, children had a lack of food while working in factories, because they justified payroll for getting the items they needed. The author explains, “The factory owners justified their absence of payroll by saying that they gave the orphans food, shelter, and clothing, all of which were far below… ” The children barely got an food while working in those factories and making the children sometime  starve, because they didn’t get enough food to eat. Also, the children were never going to get as payed as much as the adults. To explain, child labor took up so much that their time that they barely had time to eat or to relax. The author profess,Children sometimes worked up to 19 hours a day, with a one-hour total break.” By the end of the day the children would be all tired, which working 19 hours is more than half of their day when they could’ve been having a better life, because factories cared about their business more. Looking at the points it is very clear that child labor was a terrible time period, because it cause a lot of death and injuries from over weighted supplies, low amount of food, and very long hours.

Looking at the points it is very clear that child labor was a terrible time period, because it cause a lot of death and injuries from over weighted supplies, low amount of food, and very long hours. To explain, the children during child labor had to work seemingly endless during the industrial revolution.The author wrote,  ”This was a little bit on the extreme, but it was not common for children who worked in factories to work 12-14 hours with the same minimal breaks.” Working for  very long hours are very tiring so that affects the child, because they could be having so much more. For example, Fuman Owens was a child working in a factory during the industrial revolution and he really wanted an education. Fuman Owens explains, “Furman Owens, 12 years old. Can’t read. Doesn’t know his A,B,C’s. Said, ‘Yes I want to learn but can’t when I work all the time.’ Been in the mills 4 years, and 3 years in the Olympia Mill.” The children never had time for themselves so it was nearly impossible for them to focus on their education.Furthermore, The Industrial Revolution cause child work in the cold, dark nights. From the children’s perspective, ”Children on the night shift going to work at 6 p.m. on a cold, dark December day. They do not come out again until 6 a.m.“ The children were always busy working that they couldn’t even sleep or have time for their families, so they were going through a lot and pushed themselves. The Industrial Revolution caused children to abandon their family such as their chance on having a future, having free time or time to relax, and the long hours and tough work make their life difficult.

Children were forced to leave their families, because usually their families did not have that much money so they would think that their children are getting taken care of, they were sometimes were orphans without a chance to get adopted, and many people think it is ok that children can work in factories, but children went through a lot. The parents of the children sometimes didn’t have enough money to take care of their children, so their only option was to send their children to work in factory. Because they thought that their children would be taken care of. The author claims, “To survive in even the lowest level of poverty, families had to have every able member of the family go to work.” The children had to help their families, so everyday they had to keep telling themselves that they were helping their families, even though they barely got any money. The children were forced to work in factories, because they don’t have any family so the factory was somewhat taking care of the children if they worked for them. According to the, Orphans were treated the worst,because they had to do slave-like work and the owner paid them with a little amount of clothes, small amount of food, and shelter. Since some children didn’t have a  family they were forced to work in factories. It was hard enough that the children didn’t have families, working in horrible and dangerous factories were worse. There was a little boy working a factory and trying to smooth the wall during the industrial revolution.Looking at a perspective of a child,a boy, who appeared to be about 12 or 13, wearing jeans and a fluorescent work vest, smoothing mortar on a brick wall.” Many think that child labor isn’t a bad thing, but they don’t understand the perspective of the children, they probably wouldn’t want to work in the factories. The Industrial Revolution cause the children to be far from families because  they thought that they were helping their families, they were orphans, and owners thought that it was ex for children to work in factories.

During the Industrial Revolution, children were forced to work in factories, because the factories owners needed more employees so they took advantage of the children. The Industrial Revolution began over 200 years ago. However, today, child labor is happening around the world and millions of children are still going through an egregious time.You can help end end labor around the by going to by donating to this non- profit. To learn more, watch 



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