How animal abuse is changing the world

The dogs and horses in the world are dying because of neglect,abuse, and worst of all force fighting. If they go any longer without help they will die. They are struggling through the long hard winter with nothing but a chain around their neck and the last bit of fur that they have on their bodies. If they go any longer they will die from abuse,neglect,dog fighting,and/or puppy mills. They need someone to rescue them from the nightmare that they go through every day. They wait for their savior to come to the rescue and give them the best day of their lives. They sit waiting for the best day when someone saves them from the abuse they go through every day and sometimes it never comes. They wait for the perfect life for the rest of their life. Thousands of animals are dying every year because someone doesn’t have the heart to treat them the way they were meant to, like they were/are family to the ones that gave them the pain that they have to suffer through.maxresdefault1

Thousands of animals are dying each and every year. They are dying of neglect, abuse, puppy mills, dog fighting, and animal hoarding. They are dying of animal homelessness and animal cruelty. The animals are being left to die because their owners are more worried about the fights, winning the fights and breeding the females so that their offspring can fight and then train the puppies to fight. The dogs and puppies are not only dying from the fights against other dogs but the fight to stay alive. They have to fight for their lives during the long hot/cold summers/winters. Animals are dying from being abused in many ways. they cannot be saved unless we do something to help. they need the care of a human for the first time of their life and hopefully the last time that they will ever have a permanent home. states, “Dog fighting is one of the most heinous forms of animal cruelty.Fighting dogs are typically raised in isolation,so they spend most of their lives in a short heavy chain.They are regularly conditioned to fighting through the use of drugs, including antibiotics steroids to enhance muscle mass and encourage aggressiveness.”This proves my topic sentence because it shows that they are being abused in many ways and they need their saviors to come when they can so that they don’t suffer a minute longer than they have been.Animals are dying of fighting in state fighting rings and are being forced to fight to the death. they are being forced from puppy to the end of their lives to fight with other dogs that are in the same situation as them. None of these dogs are in the right condition to keep fighting.The humane society save sixty-six dogs from a multi-state dogfighting investigation on June 21, 2016.  https:/ also states, “Chris Schindler, director of animal crimes for the HSUS, said: ‘These dogs are finally free of their lives in dark cages or at the end of heavy chains.Most importantly, they will never again have to fight to the death.’” This is explaining my topic because it is stating how the director states how they saved sixty-six dogs from a house that was not the right environment and how it was a state-fighting 133 horses rescued in maryland shows,Horses are being abused and neglected.In this case around 133 horses were being neglected in Maryland they were rescued and taken to a rescue and rehabilitation center that treated them for all of the parasites that they had and were sent to the rescue center 3 weeks after they were finished detoxicating them.On a youtube video it shows that horses are being neglected and traded.There was one horse that was treated VERY poorly.It hadbeen like a walking skeliton.The owner had not cleaned the stables in 3 MONTHS! The owner was then taken to prison and charged for animal cruelty.This explains my topic because it shows how horses are being treated poorly and how the owners are treating them with very little care and love.These animals are suffering through the hardest times in their life. They wait for the one that will come and change that forever. They will sit in the dump that they live in every day until they are rescued from the place that they have been convinced is their home. They need to be proven wrong and be given the home that they need and really want.pitbull-puppies-rescued-from-dogfighting-ring

Millions of dogs and horses die from being neglected and not treated right.They need the loving home that the world promised they would have when they were born.They need someone to come save the lives that others were willing to take away. After being a bait dog for the start of her life Belle was in the worse  condition that the rescuers had ever seen a bait dog in.She was rescued and rehabilitated then found her a new home. After two weeks of being at the shelter they had to amputate her front right leg.She is now a healthy beautiful dog.Belle, the bait dog youtube and Belle’s progress continues shows After being abused for the beginning of her life belle was taken to the vet to be taken care of.She had to have her front right leg amputated because of the fatal injuries that were caused from being a bait dog.She is now on the road to recovery and getting used to not having her leg on her.Although she has her struggles she is happy and now healthy with her new loving family of 2 other dogs, her new mom and new dad.This explains my topic because she was one of the many dogs that was near death because she was abused.Then was taken from the house that was supposed to be taking care of her but sadly they weren’t.After being taken care of at the vet for a couple months she found the home of her dream.Catylin was a bait dog that was found with electrical tape around her snout.The abuser was then immediately taken to jail for animal cruelty. Caitlyn was then taken to the vet to get the tape off of her snout. She then opened her mouth like it was the first time she had her whole life and licked the vet for a long time.Dogs best day – caitlyn youtube shows Caitlyn is one of the many dogs in the shelter that has to learn how to trust a human. In this video she gets the bone to the city and has the best day of her life because someone had the heart to call the rescue team and save the life of this beautiful dog. Even Though she has the scars she is one of the most beautiful lab dogs that the shelter has.This proves my topic because it shows that someone was brave enough to call and save the life of a beautiful labrador dog.It explains that she was rescued and saved from the nightmare that she had to live every day.The owner of a ranch was not taking care of the approximately 70 horses that were on the property.There was one that stood out to the rescue center that was the skinniest horse that they had seen in a long time.70 horses found on ranch in tennessee shows The rescuers had noticed that the horses all had scars on their neck from trying to reach over the barbwire fence to try to get food so that they wouldn’t die.They found that most of the horses had really bad respiratory infections and the ones that did not have it really bad had just the start of it or not at all, but they want to treat them anyway just to make sure that they didn’t get the respiratory infection.This proves my topic because it shows how they were abused and neglected because they were left to die after they were forced to work during the winter and summer. It shows that the horses were left in a muddy and manure filled paddock that was not well tended or constantly cleaned.This shows how little animals were taken care of and how the ones that rescued them had a big heart to show that all the animals needed was a little push to get them to the road to recovery and to a new loving,caring home.2986443_orig

Imagine that you are an animal that was left to fend for itself or die.What would you do if you were the only one that had been able to take care of you for the start of your life, instead of a mother to keep you and your brothers and sisters warm during the winter or cool during the summer? What if the only one that could save you was the rescue centers, but because no one was man enough to make the call you were left to struggle? The animals in this world are dying because they are left without food or water and left to die. Imagine that you are the one that isn’t making the call and taking the life of an innocent and helpless animal that doesn’t have a choice of whether or not it was going to die. So you choose, are you going to volunteer and help or are you more worried about if your T.V. is broken? Just remember the choice that you make affects the animals in need.


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