Where are LGBT Rights Allowed in our World? Are there Consequences?

The LGBT(lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) citizenry haven’t been getting their equal rights in many contrasting parts of the  world. In some parts of the world, people are getting punished for their sexual orientation and who they might love which definitely isn’t appropriate. It’s important that people in the LGBT community stand up for their rights which is happening in many different countries in many different ways.The United States, Vietnam and Cameroon are three extremely differing countries that deal with the subject of LGBT rights.


The United States is known for their long history of discrimination and their improvement of having equal rights. This country is one of the only countries in the world that allow same sex marriage, while many in the world are fighting for it. A drastic change has been made in the past 14 years of people now favoring same sex marriage. Cnn states, “…the view of same-sex marriage has shifted dramatically in the United States in the past 14 years — from 57% opposed in 2001 to 57% now saying they’re in favor.” The US supports same sex marriage. It even shows in the statistic but even passing a law about it says a lot. We currently have a US president that doesn’t support LGBT rights, so people’s views might change more or less. The improvement of LGBT rights didn’t take a long time for the US. Many laws were passed very quickly which led to an LGBT accomplishment of same sex marriage. JaredPolis states, “ -from the first-ever LGBT- inclusive hate crimes law Congress passed in 2009, to executive orders prohibiting discrimination by federal contractors in 2014, to nationwide marriage equality in 2015.” Over time the US gave people in the LGBT community the right to marry each other. This became another part of the US being known for everyone gaining equal rights. A meeting was called on gay rights which outlined when the Islamic State killed people of this community. Edith M. Lederer explains, “Last year’s first-ever Security Council meeting on gay rights put a spotlight on the persecution of LGBT people by the Islamic State extremist group and its killing of at least 30 people for sodomy.” Leaders of the UN are doing anything they can to help people of the LGBT community have equal rights. Same sex marriage was legalized in the United States which is something that isn’t common in a lot of places around the world.

Vietnam is one country that has advanced and is still advancing with LGBT rights. In 2012, Vietnam had its first gay rally parade and a campaign for equal employment. Vietnam is one of the few countries that’s making small progress in Asia. This idea was discouraged before the minister of health came out to support it. Emine Saner states, “On Tuesday it was reported that the country’s ministry of justice has backed plans to legalise gay marriage, after the ministry of health came out for marriage equality in April.” Along with Vietnam having its first gay rally parade, people are beginning to support these rights. The rights have to be recognized first for the minister of justice and Vietnam to get used to this idea that should be accustomed. Andrew Potts states, “…has suggested a roadmap to equality – starting with the recognition of the property rights of cohabiting same-sex couples in preparation for the eventual government recognition of same-sex marriages.” Success doesn’t have to happen quickly, as long as there is some then lesbians, gays, etc. will have equal rights at the end. The ministry of justice is accepting the fact that gay marriage should and might be legalized in Vietnam. Andrew Potts states, “Vietnam’s Ministry of Justice has followed on the heels of the country’s Ministry of Health…” Someone can help improve this world starting with gay marriage, and a minister of health can even start this movement. Same sex marriage and LGBT people will eventually be accepted in the country of Vietnam with little steps leading up to a huge achievement.

On the other hand, Cameroon’s LGBT rights are worsening. People that stand up for their rights in this country are considered having “astonishing amounts of bravery” since there are severe punishments involved. Emine Saner states, “Two weeks ago, Eric Ohena Lembembe…had been tortured – his neck and feet broken, his body burned with an iron – and murdered.” People are getting killed in this country for expressing being themselves. This is borderline. Supporters are even facing consequences which aren’t necessary. Emine Saner also states, “In June this year, Togue’s office was broken into and files and computers broken.” There are so many people getting hurt or having their personal things taken away for being a part of the LGBT community or even being allies. Zimbabwe is a similar country to Cameroon but the president assures that they will never accept LGBT people. Saner states, “…Zimbabwe would never accept homosexuality, and that gay people were ‘worse than pigs, goats and birds.” No matter what people do to enforce equal rights for the LGBT community, some people just don’t accept. There are many countries like Cameroon that decide to feel negatively towards the LGBT community and will never look at these people as their equals.

Rights for the LGBT people haven’t been fair in conflicting places around the world. Protesting and fighting is sometimes successful while sometimes it never will be. Some people think that being a part of this community is “unholy” or even “dirty.” At this point of time, we as people in this world have to realize that they are equally part of our community. Just think about all those people in the world that are bisexual, lesbian, and gay. As they are protesting, they could be creating huge impacts on our society, with our help.


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