Whats Going on in Crimea?

Putin wants to take over Ukraine breaking apart The Crimea. In 2014, Ukraine’s president, had taken a fall and Putin’s troop had taken over there, now Putin wants to have Ukraine forever and for it be under his power. This will result in violence and protests, Ukrainians will worry, and their freedom will be taken away.

Because of what Putin is saying about how he’s going to take control of Ukraine and Crimea, it has brought a lot of conflict and violence. This source is talking about how the fighting between Ukraine and Russia never stopped and there’s still violence there. There was also a video in this source to show that Donetsk airport was destroyed by the Russian army.  the author stated,  “Eight civilians were killed and 65 wounded in July 2016, according to UN figures, the highest for a year. The suburbs of Donetsk, recently a thriving modern city, still come under shellfire.” This proves my topic sentence because it is showing an example of violence that occurred in Ukraine and was cause by the Russian government. This source is saying that there was an anti war march in Saint Peters burg and Moscow. There were more than 3,000 people killed because of protesting ,which is a big deal Also this is talking about how Russia just keeps firing but Ukraine is trying fight back. This article explained, “Ukrainian military spokesman Andrei Lysenko said violations of the ceasefire continued, telling reporters. In the last 24 hours we have lost two Ukrainian soldiers, eight have been wounded” This source proves that Putin is still firing and causing violence in Ukraine and is not caring that he is injuring and even killing many people. This source is also talking about protests and is saying that there was the biggest protest in Russia against Russia’s president Putin since 2 years in 2014. This is also saying that even people in Russia don’t like what Putin is doing to Ukraine. This article said, “MOSCOW, March 15 Russia saw the largest opposition protest in almost two years in Moscow on Saturday, as Muscovite’s took to the streets in their thousands to demonstrate both for and against President Vladimir Putin’s policies in Ukraine.” This source is explaining that a very large objection went on in Russia against Putin. It is also saying that many other Russians like that idea of him taking Ukraine, they just don’t like how he’s doing it. Putin’s violence has caused lots of protests both in Russia and in Ukraine. These protests are causing many deaths and injuries and that’s why he  shouldn’t stop his bad actions.

Putin is also worrying the people in Ukraine and Crimea because they know that Ukraine’s loss is Russia’s gain in power and size. This source is saying that even through the crisis that is going on Ukraine, everyone there is still trying to have hope and believe that they will get help and this won’t go on for long. Natalia, a Ukrainian stated,“’I am sure Crimea will be recognized and this situation won’t go on for long,’” Natalia says, hopefully.” Putin is bringing worry to Ukrainians and they are trying to be hopeful in this time of crisis. This quote is saying that Putin is being confusing about whether he was or wasn’t in Ukraine and it is worrying them. Ukrainians don’t know what they are going to do. The article stated  “Even as Russian and foreign journalists have documented the presence of Russian military hardware and servicemen on those battlefields, Putin has repeatedly denied sending any of his forces to fight alongside Ukrainian separatists, which the Kremlin has also referred to as local self-defense forces” This quote explains my topic because it is saying that President Putin is not being clear about what exactly he is doing in Ukraine. Russia has a lot of powerful weapons and is ready for war with Ukraine if necessary this article said “IS does not have nuclear weapons, but Russia does – lots of them. And it is willing to use them, if necessary.” This quote explains my topic because it is saying that the amount of power Russia has is scaring the Ukrainians because they know that if there ever was a war the would lose. this is also why many people were marching in anti war rallies. Vladimir Putin is a powerful president that is worrying Ukraine about taking away their freedom and causing war.

Lastly, Putin is taking Ukrainian people’s freedom away from them. He knows that Ukrainian people liked being a separate country, but now Putin wants more power and is trying to find a way to take Crime for good. This quote is saying that Ukrainian and Russian government used to be really important but now people aren’t paying attention in Ukraine’s time of need. They are also saying that in Ukraine’s 25 years of freedom, they have gone far. A person from Ukraine government explained, All three of us were heavily engaged with policy development related to Ukraine and Russia in the mid-1990s. In retrospect, some of our concerns at the time were overblown. The infamous CIA National Intelligence Estimate, for example, which predicted that Ukraine might split in two, proved spectacularly wrong.” This quote explains my topic sentence because it is saying that Ukraine has only had 25 years of freedom and they have done so much during this time and now it’s being taken away. This quote is saying that there isn’t much of freedom of speech now in Kremlin and Ukraine because of the crisis. the site stated “The crisis in Ukraine has pushed the Kremlin to clamp down on freedom of speech and information even further, in an attempt to control the message reaching its citizens on what is going on in its southern neighbors.’’ This quote is explaining my topic sentence because it is saying that because of the crisis, many other places also don’t get a lot of freedom of speech. This picture is showing cops around a protester and probably taking him to jail. The caption is saying that a protester does get detained. (picture and caption) “Riot police officers detain an activist in central St. Peters burg on March 31, 2013, during an unauthorized protest rally.” This caption and picture are explaining my topic sentence because it is saying that it is unfair that someone that is protesting for something they believe and the officers took away their freedom of speech. This paragraph said that Putin was taking people’s freedom including freedom of speech away from them which is bad.


Putin might be a good president for Russia, but he is causing violence and worry in Ukraine and Crimea. He is not thinking about the people in Ukraine and how much they like they liked having their freedom and they don’t want it to be taken away. Because the Ukrainian people think that they start marches and protests which causes worry and violence.



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