Torture, The methods and the changes

By: A amazing genius, Big Nate The Great.


 Since the beginning of war, people have used interrogation methods to get information and a better understanding of the enemy and nothing changed in World War II. During World War II,  nobody was innocent and all sides used extreme torture. Their methods were terrible. Today, there is an international agreement called The Geneva Conventions which stop people from using torture.

 The torture methods used by all sides during World War II were terrible and should have never happened. When a Jewish leader was mad he would do this to every German he saw and he wouldn’t stop until they were dead or almost dead. Darkmoon states, “…started beating a German’s head. Without thinking, the man raised his arms, and Shlomo, enraged that the man would try to evade his just punishment, cried, “Son of a w****!” and slammed the stool against the man’s chest.” The methods that were used were insane and the only reason this man got beaten is because the leader was mad. There was no useful information that could be taken from this situation so it was horrible and a waste of time really. Furthermore, Jewish boys would ask if Germans were Nazis then they would hit them until they admitted and if they didn’t the boys would hit and even kill him. Darkmoon says again, “He grabbed the man’s collar, hit the man’s head against the wall, hit it against it ten times more, threw the man’s body onto the floor, and, in his boots, jumped on the man’s cringing chest.”Again this was derived from anger and when the man refused to admit that he was a Nazi they would get even more enraged and they almost killed him.This guy was a high ranking officer and they wanted to get info from him and if he didn’t comply they would keep torturing him. A World War II vet says ,  “I was crucified in a locker room on a sheet of wire mesh. They would come every hour and kick me… and ordered them to beat everything they needed out of me” This man was hanged on a wall of barbed wire and beaten so they could get information. This sounds like a scene from a horror movie not something that would happen in real life because that method is extremely inhumane.Methods of torture since the beginning have been violent and gruesome. They should never have happened.

allied-flags-of-wwiiDespite what you may think, nobody is innocent and during World War II. All armies used torture to some extent.People think that the British would refrain from using torture because of their high morals but this source says that they did torture Nazis during World War  II. “Britain has a reputation as a nation that prides itself on its love of fair play and respect for the rule of law. We claim the moral high ground when it comes to human rights. We were among the first to sign the 1929 Geneva Convention on the humane treatment of prisoners of war.”Even the countries that like to boast that they are on the moral high ground used torture during World War II because of the extreme violence used by the other sides.Not even the winners refrained from torture. Jewish people tortured many Germans and this to them may have been a form of payback for the concentration camps.A Jewish leader says, “Kill the Germans! Kill the Germans! KILL! . . .. There is nothing more amusing to us than a heap of German corpses!”Even though they are the winners and they had been oppressed and murdered by the thousands they still tortured Germans out of anger. Even though we in the US like to think we are perfect we did lots of horrible things to Nazis and Germans that wasn’t even necessary. CBS says, “During World War II, the U.S. military interrogated high-level Nazis at a secret camp outside of Washington D.C”Even though the US signed the Geneva convention and made a pact with other countries not to torture anyone anymore. Every country used torture during war even if they seem innocent.

Now, torture is frowned upon and the Geneva Convention is a way to stop torture, but it still goes on.This source is an overview of the pact and what it means for the people involved and how it will affect everyone. A website describing laws writes, “The Geneva Conventions is a body of Public International Law… whose purpose is to provide minimum protections, standards of humane treatment, and fundamental guarantees of respect to individuals who become victims of armed conflicts.” This pact provides basic human rights and humane treatment so that POW’s can’t get treated horribly like in World War II. This article describes the way torture is used and is happening right now. The new president believes that this is okay on some situations. This source states, “Torture was justified, coated with rationalizations, and inspired by fear and anger, fostered by American political leadership that employed the language of national security to gin up a bellicose and aggressive tableau.”This show that even when we usually dislike and oppose torture it happens when we are afraid and upset over what happened. In this case 9/11. Guantanamo bay is a place where POW’s are kept and tortured and it is very controversial because it might go against torture laws. A website describing Guantanamo Bay writes, “1. Sexual Assault/Humiliation 2. Sleep Deprivation 3. Sensory Deprivation 4. Solitary Confinement/Isolation 5. Mock Executions 6. Forced Medication 7. Use of Dogs to Scare Detainees 8. Temperature Extremes 9. Sensory Bombardment (Noise) 10. Watching Others Being Tortured 11. Psychological “ All these methods were used to torture POW’s and now it is very controversial because these methods of torture are crazy and inhumane.There have been some preventive measures but there still is torture and people have rationalized torture because of their own fear ad anger.

During World War II there was lots of torture and violence. There were horrible ways people got tortured, everyone did torture, and now there are rules to prevent torture that big from ever happening again. But from our point of view now 72 years after the war we can look back and say that torture was obviously wrong and we can see the violence. If you were in the leader’s shoes what would you do, consider the fact that this was a very emotional and anger filled war.


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