The Munich Massacre

          In 1972, there was a Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany and a shooting occurred. A group called Black September was responsible for many deaths including the deaths of ten Israeli Olympians who died at the attack during the 1972 Olympics. This group was formed in 1970 by groups of people that were willing to give up their lives to defend what they believed in. This led to many Palestinian deaths because the Prime Minister, Wasfi al-Tal, let military action take effect. He felt that the people were trying to take his power and kick him out of office, so he responded in an aggressive manner. Israel is a Jewish country surrounded by predominately Muslim countries. The religion difference leads to conflict between them, and that’s also why the group Black September aimed for Israel and not for America or Canada and other countries of that sort. Conflict between countries and religions caused a group of religious zealots to take the lives of innocent Olympians during the 1972 Munich Olympics which has caused officials to make the Olympic games much more secure.

          People know a lot about what terrorists groups have done, but don’t know the true facts and stories behind these groups. This group called Black September is a threat to many countries and people around the world, and will tried to be stopped at one point in time. In the website middle east, there was were many wars between countries in that region. Especially with Israel, and the the group was formed in the breakaway of a Palestinian Faction. The site states, “Besides seeding Lebanon’s civil war and disintegration, the Jordanian-Palestinian war of 1970 led to the creation of the Palestinian Black September movement, a commando faction that broke away from the PLO (Palestinian Liberal Organization) directed several terrorist plots to avenge Palestinians’ losses in Jordan,” This quote depicts, where this specific group had originated from and where it had started. When the PLO broke that’s when the Black September had started. In Arab countries, there were major conflicts in the late 1900’s, due to the fact that the PLO was destroyed. The author portrays in the website says, “Arab nations colloquially referred to Black September after King Hussein’s 1970 crackdown on the PLO because of the brutality of the three-week war, which put an end to the PLO’s rogue state-within-a-state in Jordan as well as its guerilla attacks on Israeli-occupied Arab territory in the West Bank” This shows when the group Black September was known for that name, was after going through a 3 week war and obliterating the PLO. They had caused many conflicts between states, and destroyed them from within. Innocent people, people in Black September, and citizens were all experiencing these events. The PLO was kicked out of Jordan because they were having too much conflict between Israel, which could lead to other problems in the future. The writer demonstrates in the site that “The name Black September was chosen to commemorate that violent Hashemite – Palestinian clash, during which thousands of Palestinians were either killed or expelled and the PLO was driven out of Jordan.” This quote explains how this group, got its name and what they did even if it was killing innocent people and driving them out from their homes. These outrageous actions that this group did and has done, has got their names on the “naughty list”. They are one of the reasons why security is even more secure than it use to be.

 A Black September memeber


          After the shooting, the world, especially Israel took it by surprise. The security was increased not only in the Olympics but in all major events, such as the Super Bowl and the World Cup. When the shooting and the death of those Olympians occurred the world was hit hard, and it was very depressing. So a we needed to make changes.  The author of types “We just got the final word … you know, when I was a kid, my father used to say ‘Our greatest hopes and our worst fears are seldom realized. Our worst fears have been realized tonight. They’ve now said that there were eleven hostages. Two were killed in their rooms yesterday morning, nine were killed at the airport tonight. They’re all gone.’ ” This quote proves how the people reacted, and it gives you a good understanding of what was their point of view (the public’s) were.  There are many places where terrorism can take place in high fashion, so that’s why the United states and other countries are buffing the security in those places, to prevent them from taking place. “But there will be a lasting effect. Munich was a watershed. In great measure, it has been since 1972 that the general public has submitted to security searches in airports, arenas and other public events — and learned to live with the threat of terrorism.” stated by This quote shows the drastic change for security. This all happens because they want to be safe. In the Munich shooting, the terrorists wanted prisoners that were released in a Germany jail. But Germany said no so that led to the conflict. The writer of the Jewish press proclaims “where they had transported the hostages after demanding the release of 234 Arab prisoners held in Israeli jails and all members of the German Red Army Faction being held in German prisons.” This quote shows what the terrorists wanted. They were risking lives of many people including themselves. These people are a huge factor why the security has been increased. The way Israel had reacted and Germany, was in a very serious manner. They didn’t want to play any games, or make any deals, they wanted to kill these terrorist, and restore peace within everyone. Germany wanted to get their reputation regained because of the lack of security, but the real reason why this happened was because of different religions, and countries.

 Olympic village  


          A Lot of wars in our history is for fighting to be able to preach our own religion. This has and is still today a very big crucial key to unlocking peace between other countries. Different ideas lead to one thing or another and sooner or later someone is bound to get “hurt”.In the website it depicts “These Muslim countries are fighting other countries because they have  a different religion. The violence between Israel and Hamas is just the latest flare-up in a region of enduring and deadly conflicts. Wars have erupted several times since the founding of the modern state of Israel in the late 1940’s.” This shows that for decades and decades Israel and their neighboring countries are constantly in conflict. There has been many conflicts in the past that now our president Donald trump is racist to all Muslims not matter who actually you are inside. The site nytimes says “Trump most fully unveiled the dark vision of an America under siege by “radical Islam” that is now radically reshaping the policies of the United States. This quote proves what’s happening in the United states.” This sort of racism can lead to more conflict and wars that don’t need to happen, but may because people are too racist. Many moments in the past have led up to these different moments and decisions. This is how the country has this type of outcome. On the site frontpagemag it shows that “Islam and violence go together like peanut butter and jelly. But if you believe Muslims and their spin doctors with academic degrees, Muslims are the victims of other religions.” This quote shows exactly why there are so many terrorists doing horrific things. We already assume who people are before even getting to know them, or putting yourself in their shoes. This leads them to become angry because all people see of them is the “bad side”

Image result for munich shooting 1972
Terrorists taking over the Olympic village.



          For many years there has been conflict with many countries, and in 1972 it was taken to the extreme. People are all misunderstood, and that leads to bad things happening. The group Black September will be remembered as radical extremist. Looking back on it there are many things to learn that can help us open the door to make treaties and build peace, instead of shooting it down, and going to war.


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