The Fall of the Italian Monarchy

Italy was ruled by the Monarchy since the Middle Ages and the Holy Roman Empire. The monarchy was very successful until 1946 when Italy became part of what was known as the Axis during War II. With the onset of World War II, the monarchy in Italy experience one of the worst ending. Members of the royal family had been driven out and exiled. Ever since 1946, the people of Italy have been voting over whether their country should have a new republican government over a monarchy, because some still wanted to go back to the monarchy form, others did not like being ruled by one person in power, and equal rights of republic.  

The ending of the rule by monarchy was orchestrated by King Emanuele II and Mussolini as they supported Germany and the Nazis and the monarchy fell after the damage has been done and all the royalties had been driven out. But ever since their last king gave them free will to choose and left they choose republic. Monarchy has a way of greed and can destroy the country by power and pride of the king. Their is no freedom in what common citizens get to says and their own ideas. Mussolini,Hitler, and the people living in Italy like them has almost destroyed their country trying to get their achievements. The Mad Monarchist notes, “There are quite a few mentions in histories of this period that Mussolini, who never liked having to share public acclaim with the monarchy during moments of triumph, wanted to abolish the monarchy and take the supreme position for himself.”  The government form of monarchy contains power that people use in which this case King Emanuele II and Mussolini used that power for bad and used the  to support the Nazis and nearly destroyed them. King Emanuele II used the power he had and gave a piece of it to Mussolini the supporter of the Axis and Nazis. This had a lot of responsibility on the current king and made him lose some power. The Understanding Italy explains “His support of Mussolini and Italy’s subsequent involvement with the Nazi regime, made his position untenable.” he leadership of the monarch tells everyone what to do and takes control of everyone. The people in charge took a huge step in supporting the Axis and was leading kingship and the country to the doom. The last king, Umberto II, took the power and placed the power equally among the people and let them have free will and their own choices among themselves. This is the beginning of the end of monarchy, The New Times  states“In 1946, Vittorio Emanuele III abdicated, putting his son Umberto II on the throne in an effort to salvage the monarchy. But Umberto II was king for only one month, until Italians voted in a referendum to abolish the monarchy in favor of a republic.” he freedom of the people let them do what they want. Most of them choose to vote over republic and monarchy and they choose republic because monarchy has destroyed much of their country and the don’t want to go back to the monarchy form. The fall has been caused by the people desiring the lead and the hunger has gone too far, killed many people for more power than they can take. Their hunger was bigger of an appetite and how many have to die to feed the hunger of power. This when the common townspeople has put a form of government on a halt stopping it and making the memory fade.


The leader who supported Mussolini, King Emanuele II, was assassinated for supporting the Nazis and Mussolini was thrown in jail for life. As for the last king Umberto II he left the country with free will and wasn’t heard from again. All of the people from the royal blood lines has been exile to another country and has been stripped of their power and wealth. The exile of the leaders happened to royal families because the destruction and the greed happened though one form of government – monarchy and they want to abandon the monarchy government and never remember the monarchy form again. Wikipedia  exlaims “Shortly after the war, civil discontent led to the constitutional referendum of 1946 on whether Italy would remain a monarchy or become a republic. Italians decided to abandon the monarchy and form the Italian Republic, which is the present form of Italy today.”  The royal families and kings have been in so much command that no one got to represent their country and have equality. For the royal proudness, that nearly banned them, they took control and never wanted to hear from royalty again. After the royal has been out and thrown into exile the put a law not allowing them to come back. This shows that Italian people want their new ways as equal rights instead of the royal families influencing them to power greed and use the power improperly. The New York Times notes “The royal family went into exile, and in 1948 a constitutional amendment barred their return.” Since the royalty has inflicted most of Italy and has in a bad way by leadership of no question and lead them into a horrible war that made them pay and lose nobility and trustworthiness. They drove out the royal families because they are probably afraid that the royal families will influence the new generation that doesn’t know what monarchy did to their ancestor and their country in the past. Wikipedia explains “The Italian referendum was intended only to determine whether the head of state should come from a family dynasty or be elected by popular vote.” hey want to drive out those who are connected with monarchy or believe and voting for monarchy with a new generation that know very little or nothing about monarchy. This exile of the king is a good thing for a country that was nearly destroyed by the king’s command and people who are most likely to recreate that moment are people from that bloodline and they probably have the same desire for power and a one man leadership. Their past was successful but fail during World War II.

Disagreements happened Italy mainly because of the freedom and free will they get. Some wanted to go back to the old ways of government–monarchy and the others wanted to stay how it was-republic so they had to settle the choosing by voting over the monarchy ways and the republican ways. The people the people of Italy chose over republic thinking it will be better letting everyone choose what they think instead of what one person thinks and can’t be argued with. Destinore Publicano says“More of the 89% of citizens voted, women included (after the Second World War they gained the right to vote), and the referendum resulted in the victory of the republic with 12,718,614 votes (54.3%) for it and 10,718,502 (45.7%) for monarchy.” his vote shows the favor of equal rights and the voice of all. The monarchy side may have been paid from the royalty or they were part of the royals loving attention or being above people. The last king wanted his son to salvage the remaining respects of monarchy, one man power and leadership. King Umberto II must of thought he would never make it so far in power since most has lost faith in a one man show. He must of left choice to the people and left. Wikipedia marks “In the final phases of World War II, King Victor Emmanuel III, tainted by his former support for the Fascist Regime, had tried to save the monarchy by nominating his son and heir Umberto “general lieutenant of the kingdom”; the king promised that after the end of the war the Italian people could choose its form of government through a referendum.” The reign of monarchy has been ended by it own holder as was given up up hope by the people who own the the power of monarchy. he weakness the monarchy has in it and why people vote over the freedom and one man strength that will deplete with the rest of the country. The people supports the unity and equality of the monarchy because one man that rules over all and that  person is weak is bad and can destroy the country. Also that one person can make bad choices and everyone has to obey without any suggestions so when they go the chance the got to use the power for equal rights. The Mad Monarchist says “They may have disagreed on absolutely every other detail but they did all agree that the people of Italy should be united, independent and strong and that the Kingdom of Italy, the monarchy, was the only viable framework to accomplish that.” hey want to have their voice heard and some like the idea that they have to be under the word of one in power not realizing what it has done to them and their country. The last kings power let them choose over the two governments and republic wins. This voting has came up by disagreements between the monarchy and republic. Some liked the commands of one in power and supported them through the whole way, even when it is wrong. Others want their opinion to be held and they can’t do that when they don’t have freedom.italianvoting

The former way of government in Italy, monarchy noticeable destroyed the country and because only one man or woman takes control of what the people do and has stands of aristocracy has not let anything be formal unless approved by the kings or royalties. This power was in the hands of many people after the last king gave them rights. Some people like monarchy and being commanded around  so they had to settle the government by voting and this is the end of monarchy.


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