The Disagreement Between Cuba and the U.S

Cuba and the US had a diplomatic break on January 3, 1961 because Fidel Castro came into power and he believed that Cuba was being spied on by the United States Embassy. As a result, the US cutback in trades with Cuba therefore lead to the break. This was a depressing and disastrous situation. Fidel Castro came into leadership and President Eisenhower and Fidel Castro created a diplomatic break. Some Cubans were not allowed to leave the country, and now diplomatic relations are restored.

Fidel Castro came into leadership in 1959 and demanded US Embassy staff would be reduced because the Cuban government believed it was being used for spies. A+E Networks wrote,“The immediate reason cited for the break was Castro’s demand that the U.S. embassy staff be reduced, which followed heated accusations from the Cuban government that America was using the embassy as a base for spies.” This quote proves my topic sentence because states what the reasons for the diplomatic break 50 years ago. Meanwhile, most people did not like that Fidel Castro was in leadership, and since there was rumors throughout the country about an invasion people wanted to flee the country. An author from, Lily Roth stated, “In the weeks that followed, as rumors of a possible invasion by the U.S. spread throughout Cuba, people began to line up at the U.S. embassy seeking visas to leave the island.When Castro later demanded that the two countries have the exact same number of staffers in their respective embassies , the U.S. brought its entire staff home instead.” This explains my topic sentence further because everyone was wanting to flee the country since Fidel Castro came into presidency in Cuba. On the other hand, The US had created a plan to take down Cuba’s leader Fidel Castro, but then the plan backfired because they were outnumbered by Castro’s troops. A+E Networks also continued to write,”Finally, in April 1961, the CIA launched what its leaders believed would be the definitive strike: a full-scale invasion of Cuba by 1,400 American-trained Cubans who had fled their homes when Castro took over. However, the invasion did not go well: The invaders were badly outnumbered by Castro’s troops, and they surrendered after less than 24 hours of fighting.” This quote demonstrates my topic sentence because rumors had went around about an invasion and that was the “Bay of Pigs” and the invasion failed. To conclude, Fidel Castro was the reason for the diplomatic break in 1961 and many people left the country because they disliked Fidel Castro he was a dictator not a president.


Cuba would not allow permission for anyone to leave the country and the ones who did leave without legal rights do not have the permission to come back. On the other hand, If families wanted to leave only the children could the parents could not. An author from claimed,“As the Human Rights Watch report documents, Cuba routinely refuses to grant its citizens permission to leave their country and often denies those who have left without permission the right to return. Cuba also frequently denies citizens engaged in authorized travel the right to bring their children with them overseas, as a means to guarantee the parents’ return.” This quote determines my topic sentence because it states what Cuba was doing to its people during the 50 year break and how families suffered during that time period. In addition This is an example of a family that was separated by the diplomatic break and what they had to do to reunite. Catherine McNiff from wrote,“The rescue of Elián González, a 6-year-old Cuban boy, off the coast of Florida ignites a international custody battle between his father in Cuba and his relatives in Miami. Armed U.S. federal agents seize Eliàn Gonzalez from his relatives in Miami and the boy is returned to his father in Cuba.” This shows a story of one family that had suffered during the break and what they had to do to reunite. Furthermore,This family was also torn apart due to the diplomatic break he was 7 when his parents sent him off to Miami, Florida. Karen DeYoung stated,“Juan José Valdés, the geographer at the National Geographic Society, said being at the opening made him feel “closer to home.” He was 7 years old in 1961 when his parents sent him alone from Havana to this country.” This quote declares my topic sentence because it’s also an example of a family who was separated during the break and recently in 2015 he was finally able to see his family. To conclude, Cubans did not have the same right as other people did and some families were torn apart in 1961 and were not able to reconnect until 2015 most children that were able to leave traveled to Miami, Florida.

Now recently in 2015 the diplomatic relations were restored because President Barack Obama felt it was time that the relations should be restored. Therefore, this is a quote from Obama’s speech from when he and President Raul Castro (former president) decided to restore the relations between Cuba and the US. Greg Myre from  “A year later, Obama began to normalize the U.S.-Cuba ties, and followed that up with a visit to Cuba in March of this year, becoming the first sitting U.S. president to go to the island in 88 years.The two countries are still trying to define the new relationship.” This quote justifies my claim because Obama had traveled to Cuba to restore the diplomatic relations. Likewise, Now since the relations were restored Americans and Cubans can travel out of the country freely and use internet. Catherine McNiff from also wrote, “With diplomatic relations restored, travel bans for Americans traveling to Cuba are lifted. While general tourism is still prohibited, the various approved methods of getting into the country no longer require a special license from the Treasury Department. Visitors may use credit cards for the first time, and internet access and the opening of an American embassy are expected to follow.” This quote verifies my topic sentence because it proves that Cubans are allowed to use internet, leave the country and enter the country. Not to mention, Since the diplomatic break the relationship between the US and Cuba was known as discord. President Obama wanted to put the past behind him and that’s why he decided to restore the relations. Obama stated in his speech, “For nearly six decades, the relationship between the United States and Cuba was marked by discord and profound political disagreements,” Obama said. “During my presidency, we have worked hard to put the past behind us, pursuing a future in which the relationship between our two countries is defined not by our differences but by the many things that we share as neighbors and friends.” This quote resolves my claim because this is when Obama decided that there was going to be differences between the two countries and decided to put the past behind him. To conclude, the relations between Cuba and the United States were restored in 2015. Raul Castro agreed that not everything is going to be solved but he does want to restore the relations so the country is free.2014121843114562734_20

Clearly, Cuba and the US had a diplomatic break because Fidel Castro came into leadership and he believed that Cuba was being spied on through the United States Embassy and the US cutback in trades with Cuba therefore lead to the break. Recently on July 20, 2015 the relations were restored and the two presidents believed not everything was solved but agree to work on resolving their issues. Fidel Castro is no longer president he died in 2008 now is younger brother Raul Castro is president of Cuba, now Cubans are granted access to freely leave the country come into the country.


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