Scottsboro boys: What would you do in this situation?

The Scottsboro Boys were accused of rape by to two teenage girls. The boys were on a freight train illegally, which was often used by people to transport themselves, and in this case the nine African American boys were on the train illegally, looking to get employed. In 1932, in of Alabama, they were arrested from the train and were accused of rape and they were either sentenced to death or were going to spend the rest of their life in prison depending on their age. The boys went through a whole trial, but all the jury members people were white and weren’t open to the fact that they were innocent.

  thejudge  The trial, through the whole case, is what got the boys the time they got with the judge and the jury. During the trial the lawyers for the Scottsboro boys do their best but the trials for each boy’s case just goes so fast but on the last case with the 13 year old boy there was some different opinions with if he should get life in imprisonment or get the death chair. Some evidence to go along with this is, The timeline through all the cases is so different that it’s good to know what happened with each boy. In the article by Douglas Linder wrote about the whole event back then, whether or not it was true, he was stating how they were seen by other people. Douglas O. Linder says in his introduction, “… Produced as many trials conviction, reversals and retrials as did alleged gang rape of two white girls by nine black teenagers on a southern railroad freight run..” This proves my topic sentence because many white people weren’t very optimistic to the fact they didn’t do it and focused on if they did it and how they were arrested, showing that in the quote the situation. Another example of timeline when they got accused is, the is showing that how each defendant was shown their own case and showing that they were all assigned their own fate. It shows their fate on how the judge and jury treated them as African American.. says in the article,“Olen Montgomery, Ozie Powell, Willie Roberson, Eugene Williams and Andy Wright are tried, convicted, and sentenced to death…The case against Roy Wright, aged 13, ends in a hung jury when 11 jurors seek a death sentence, and one votes for life imprisonment.” This proves that again how little interest both judge and jury had in the case and how quick to judge them. But this also shows that this wasn’t the most recognized case but it didn’t make some impact the “thing” of racism when the 13 year old was put into life imprisonment instead of death. Also there’s another one,  Miss Hollace’s article shows that no one was sure the nine boys raped the girls, there was no proof, witness or doctors to tell us if they were raped or not. Miss Hollace Ransdall investigated by herself and in her article she stated, “ No check on the truth of her story was made at the trial.” This proves my topic sentence by proving the point that the jury and judge once again, i am proving that didn’t think twice about the boys and just heard the word rape because of their color.  They basically put nine african americans to their not knowing if they did it or not.This paragraph is about how because of the Scottsboro boys color they weren’t given a fair trial and how because of not getting a fair trial that they ended up dead or in jail for life and how this isn’t right.

  The Scottsboro boys trial and the trial case with Tom Robinson in the book “ To Kill A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee, the cases are very similar. In both cases the victim accuses the defendant of rape and they go to court where the jury is all white and the African american defendant does even have a chase. So comparing each case to one another. To prove this my first evidence is, this article explains another event like the Scottsboro case. it explains the similarities and difference. Begins with a charge of rape from white women against black men.Main figure is member of the Alabama Bar that defends the African-American.Poor white status of the accusers was a critical issue Compare Takes place in southern Alabama” This explains my topic sentence because i am showing that it wasn’t just the Scottsboro case that was treated unfairly because of the color of the defendant’s race. Another example of similarities with tom Robinson’s case and Scottsboro boys case is,  this article does explain that even the author of a famous book, Harper Lee, based her trial scenes on Tom Robinson to the Scottsboro boys trials. “The author of To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee, was a young girl during the Scottsboro trial and based the trial of Tom Robinson in her novel off of the Scottsboro trial of 1931. The three main similarities between the Scottsboro trial and the trial of Tom Robinson are the geographic settings, the portrayal of racism, and the specifics of the court cases.” This proves that because this shows that back in the 1930’s both in the Robinson trial and the scottsboro trials that they ended up dieing for something they might have not even done. Another example of similarities, this proves that because this shows that back in the 1930’s both in the Robinson trial and the Scottsboro trials that they ended up dying for something they might have not even done.Also another example is, This quote by the humanities explains the similarities between the case but also explains the courage of the boys and tom robinson.  “The lessons of the infamous 1930’s Scottsboro Boys case in which two young white women wrongfully accused nine African American youths of rape illustrate through fact what Harper Lee tried to instruct through her fiction. Both historical and fictional trials express the courage required to stand up for the Constitutional principle providing for equal justice to all under the law.” This explains my topic sentence by saying that all the boys weren’t just some act of rape or people being racist so much that they let them die but it also puts perspective on the boys and how we should have saw them as brave strong and kind. The two trial cases weren’t fare as i have and many said before. They were treated as things not people by many people in those court rooms. But they did make an impact after all this by making the racism going down a little    

    image063In the end all the boys but one, died. The boys made a little difference in the big “thing” of  racism. Cases like these show people what they have done. There isn’t as much racism now because of these little impacts.  The first piece of evidence i want to show is, this shows that the scottsboro boys had an impact on people and racism in the bigger case alongside other cases like it. “As far as Scottsboro’s impact on the law is concerned, there were two major U.S. Supreme Court rulings in this case: one upheld a defendant’s right to effective counsel under due process; the other prohibited the exclusion of jurors based on race.”  Another piece of evidence is, This shows that the Scottsboro boys were the bigger picture that made everything like other cases important to like to kill a mockingbird.“Several of the accused were sentenced to prison terms and all endured long stays in prison as the case made its way through the legal system. The case later served as one of the inspirations for Harper Lee’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel To Kill a Mockingbird.” Another piece of evidence is, This shows that the Scottsboro trial even sparked in the law to. With better lawyering and better laws.“The American Communist Party (CP), in this period at the height of its organizing focus in the American South against racism and economic exploitation, immediately took the case on, and largely through activist efforts, sparked a mass defense movement. The CP brought in their legal arm, the International Labor Defense (ILD) to represent the nine.” This proves for all my topic and pieces of evidence in this paragraph by saying they had an impact and that even though people like the jury were wanting them “put down” they still made it passed and they did something greater for humanity.

 In the end of everything in the Scottsboro case the boys eventually made a huge impact as i was saying. The jury and judge didn’t stop them for helping our generation now with racism and eventually that has allowed us to go bigger in to other things as well like our LGBTQ community. So they should be the really reason and we should thank them.



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