Modern Voting

Modern voting is far worse than it should be. There are states that won’t let indigenous people vote, and a lot of people who legally can vote, choose not to. Its also appears that America chose their president, based on how popular he was and his ability to manipulate his foes.


Voting rights are not where they should be. Being the “Home of the Free,” we sure don’t act like it. Indigenous people and other minority groups have to pass through many unnecessary and time consuming barriers  to vote in some states around this country and it’s unfair to them. Multiple states have made stricter voting laws so that a lot of minority groups can’t vote. Wikipedia states, “The NCSL places state-level voter ID laws in one of the following categories: Strict photo ID required in effect: Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin. Strict non-photo ID required in effect: Arizona, North Dakota and Ohio.” States are making unfair voting laws just so that indigenous people and other minority groups can’t vote without going through unnecessary tasks and having to go long distances. The Federal Appeals Court took down the law that North Carolina’s law that is packed with Voting restrictions. Mostly towards minority groups like the Native Americans. The Editorial Board says, “Last week, a federal appeals court struck down North Carolina’s omnibus voter suppression law — a law so jam-packed with voting restrictions targeted at poor, minority communities that its moniker was the ‘monster law.’” Courts were packed with people claiming that states are making voter restrictions, especially towards minority groups. The Supreme Court was sent two cases. One from North Carolina and one from Virginia, but both described how the Republicans drew district lines that weakens their voting power. The Editorial Board once again states, “Supreme Court is scheduled to hear two cases, one out of North Carolina and one from Virginia, alleging that Republicans drew district lines that diluted the voting strength of racial minorities.” The supreme court is even hearing cases about unfair laws being made. America is being unfair to the minorities in our country, and as long as this goes on, our title is slowly losing its meaning because it isn’t being upheld.


A lot of people across the country are eligible to vote, yet they choose not to. Is it because they don’t like the candidates, or is it out of laziness? Half of the citizens of the United States chose to cast a vote in the electoral vote while half didn’t. Daniel S. Levine states, “Projections from the United States Elections Project show that there were 231,556,622 Americans eligible to vote, but 138,884,643 voted. That means that 40 percent didn’t vote, while 60 percent did.” Citizens are getting lazier during election depending on others to vote for the one they want instead of doing it themselves and making a small difference in the election. The amount of people that voted in this year’s election is the lowest it’s been in around 2 decades. Gregory Wallace states, “While election officials are still tabulating ballots, the 126 million votes already counted means about 55% of voting age citizens cast ballots this year. That measure of turnout is the lowest in a presidential election since 1996, when 53.5% of voting-age citizens turned out.” The voters for this year’s election was at an all-time low, having percentages as low as 2 decades ago. People decided not to vote because they weren’t signed up to vote, and were to lazy to register themselves and their ballot. Bethany Brookshire states,  “If you are a citizen, you are signed up to vote. Not so in the United States. It is up to each person there to sign up.” Voters decide not to vote for many reasons but a lot of them surround the fact that they are too lazy or think that they have no time to do anything about what might happen to their country. Citizens of the US that are eligible to vote choose not to because they are either too lazy or they can’t decide between which candidate is the best for them and their needs, and choosing to not vote at all.


More than half of the electoral voters, cast their ballot for Donald Trump. They say it was because they support him, but let’s see hear about some reasons that say otherwise. Donald Trump won the election because he had the clearest persona, with simple messages that anyone could understand. He created drama between the other candidates to keep it interesting and he predicted his opponents moves by controlling how they feel, ultimately controlling what they do. The Film Theorists state, Donald Trump has the clearest persona, and simple messages to make any one understand his goals. He creates drama to keep people interested in him, and he predicts the opponent’s moves to stay ahead of them. Trump won for a multitude of reasons that a lot of other candidates have never tried. There were a lot of people that didn’t vote, but the majority of people that didn’t vote were Democrats. Gregory Krleg states, “For a variety of reasons, from an enthusiasm gap to voter suppression, turnout in 2016 was lower across the board, but especially among Democrats. And it cost Clinton the election.” Voters choose not to vote thinking that their candidate is actually “competent” and everyone will vote for them, but they forget that other people have different opinions. Clinton lost because most of the voters she thought were on her side, went to Johnson and Stein, two other candidates in the election. Vanity Fair states, “Clinton lost for lots of reasons, most notably the millions of voters who turned out for Johnson and Stein, thus denying the Democratic support she might have received in narrowly lost states like Pennsylvania.” Voters like to place their ballot according to who they think is the best candidate, and it can change for many different reasons. Facts say, Trump won by using tricks and manipulation and because Democrats were so sure that Clinton was going to win, that they didn’t vote for her themselves.
States like to change their voting laws to lean towards their candidate and leave minorities out. Candidates have many different strategies to help them win and others don’t expect it, believing that they are going to win without doing anything else.

Author: Jillian


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