How Gandhi Influenced The World

Gandhi was a great leader of social change. He was the leader of protests and peaceful marches across India from the England Empire. The most important that he did was the tactics he used to free India. He was one of the first people to use nonviolence at a national scale and this inspired many movements across the world.

Gandhi was born in 1869 on October 2nd. He was born into a family of politics and religion. His father was the Prime Minister of Porbandar and his mother was Hindu. Gandhi as a child was taught at an early age to be vegetarian, to fast, and to meditate. His dad shortly passed away and he wished Gandhi work as a lawyer. Gandhi honored his dad and went to gandhi-was-a-racist-who-slept-with-young-girls-and-let-his-wife-die-of-pneumonia-body-image-1449157897

London to study law. While he was there he tried to adapt to western culture but was he was then given a contract to go to South Africa to practice law. When he was there he was discriminated by authority for being Indian. One of his experiences was mentioned by Bio,”Upon his first appearance in a Durban courtroom, Gandhi was asked to remove his turban. He refused and left the court instead. The Natal Advertiser mocked him in print as ‘an unwelcome visitor.’” This happened many times and even when he had a first class ticket Gandhi was told to move back. He refused to move and was kicked off. This influenced him to try with all of his might to try to stop the racism against Indians from England. He was about to leave South Africa when he saw, “that the Natal Legislative Assembly was considering a bill to deprive Indians of the right to vote.” Gandhi went to protest against the discrimination that Indians have suffered though because of England. He then became the leader of a movement to free India from England. This protest England then separated India into Pakistan and India. During this time he went on numerous marches like the salt march and was arrested many times. Some of  the quotes that inspired me was said by Gandhi,”The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” This thinking led him to free India from England, and that had a major impact. But sadly, he was killed by Nathuram Godse because he thought that Gandhi tolerated Muslims.

After Gandhi died, he still had a major influence on the world for decades to come. He had made India an independent. He had stood up to a major power and using compelling speeches led his people to a free country. Because of this both most HISTORY described him as “the great-souled one.” He also had major influence on other people in the world such as Cesar Chavez and Martin Luthor King. For example, The Progressive states,“Gandhi influenced two of the most important mass mobilizations in cesar-chavez-9245781-1-402this country — the civil-rights struggle for equality for African-Americans and Cesar Chavez’s advocacy for Latino farm workers.” The civil rights movement was led by Martin Luther King who was also influenced by Gandhi. In an interview MLK said, ”Christ gave us the goals and Mahatma Gandhi the tactics.” The tactics Martin Luther King talks about are the way Gandhi protested. He pioneered the tactic of nonviolence.



Not only did Gandhi have an influence on his country and people, he also had an influence on ideas about protesting. Before Gandhi, the way of protesting was more violent and extreme. An example of this was the French Revolution. Unlike violent riots that led up to the French Monarchy falling, Gandhi used nonviolence to free India and influence millions. This tactic used speeches and marches done by many people who were gathered as one to achieve a goal. If they were murdered or beaten, it wouldn’t be looked at as self defense in a riot to the privileged, it would look like a person was trying to spread an idea and was squashed by others who thought this was wrong.  Gandhi also used it because that was how he was taught to live his life.This is the power of nonviolence. Something that might have influenced him to do this is how he was raised. This is shown in Bio, “Gandhi grew up worshiping the Hindu god Vishnu and following Jainism, a morally rigorous ancient Indian religion that espoused non-violence, fasting, meditation and vegetarianism.” Hes was taught this by his mother and father made him into the Gandhi that changed the world.

During and after Gandhi his life had such a great impact on the world that 100’s of books have been made about his impact on humanity. His words and actions made India independent, advocated for equality, and influenced many other movements with his tactics against problems. Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, were all in some way influenced by Gandhi. The people of India call him unofficially “The father of the country.” Gandhi will and forever be a man who shaped the world to the way it is now.


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