Black Panther Party: The True Revolution

By Mason

In the year 1965, the Civil Rights Act was going strong and African Americans were fighting more and more for equal rights. The Black Panther motion started for more black americans to push for separation from Caucasians “by any means necessary”. One of these groups was called the Black Panther Party who used armed self-defense and would observe police arrests to make sure that the arrested person would not be brutalized, made sure they were treated fairly, and that if the police start shooting at them they will be shooting right back at ‘em.

The Black Panther Party’s ideas correlated with those of Malcolm X’s civil rights ideas by using self-defense and making the white cops show their racism more when they see the Black panthers observing an arrest with some people holding a gun and go up to them and say “you can not have that gun” when there is a open-carry law in place. Chinaka Hodge shares a poem about the history of the Black Panthers and what it was like as a member and to have your father have a target on his back. Chinaka Hodge writes, “ Let’s talk back let’s March the firmer each outlined some point and let us speak of police will step over are sleeping children to shoot their fathers and ask why they woke and ask why we have guns.” African Americans were done being put down by white people and having people think that a Black person carrying a gun around for self-defense would use it to attack people. However, a white cop who has a pistol with him uses it to shoot black people, while the Black person is pulling out their wallet to get their driver’s licenses when the cops are only supposed to use their guns for defense. This article was about how Malcolm X’s movement for rights was deeply rooted into the Black Panther philosophy and some of the leaders had a deep connection to his work. In particular, Bobby Seale and the BPP strongly believed in violence and armed self-defense to gain freedom – two ideas that Malcolm X believed in as well. The article states, “After Malcolm’s death, Seale wrote that he ‘cried like a baby’ and announced soon afterwards: ‘I will make my own self into a (expletive) Malcolm X…they’ll have to kill me!”’Malcolm X’s movement was deeply rooted into the Black Panther philosophy and some of the leaders had a deep connection to his work. Bobby Seale was making a speech at a hotel in Pennsylvania to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Black Panthers, and in the beginning, he talked about how he was greatly inspired about Malcolm X’s movement and that he wanted to be a part of his group. Bobby shares that, “Malcolm X leads the nation of Islam and he creates the oaau. And I vowed that I’m going to try to get myself to New york at some point. And join Malcolm X’s organization.” The Black panther party founders were very inspired by Malcolm X’s work in New York and before they started the Black Panthers they wanted to join Malcolm X in New york to fight for equal rights. All in all, The Black Panther Party’s ideas stemmed mainly from Malcolm X’s radical way for civil rights. This ay of radical civil rights movement meant to get to their goal by any means necessary.

The Black Panther Party had every right to use armed self-defense and to observe police arrests to stop brutality because off all the oppression against the African-American community. Bobby Hutton, the treasurer of the black panthers, was shot ten times dead by Oakland police when his house is set on fire and is forced to run out into a shower of bullets. The website, notes, “Bobby Hutton, 17 years old, is shot dead by Oakland police. In a 90 minute gun battle, an unarmed Bobby Hutton is shot ten times dead, after his house is set ablaze and he is forced to run out into a fire of bullets.” Black Panther party members died lots of times by planned police shootings at the Black Panthers. The FBI has started sending forged letters to party members that are from supposed party members to try to break apart the party to weaken them. As the author writes, “Cleaver received stacks of forged FBI letters from supposed party members, criticized Newton’s leadership, and asking for Cleaver to take control. An example of such a forged letter, written using the name of Connie Matthews, Newton’s personal secretary.” The Black Panther party made their violence decisions because they were almost forced to make those decisions and had every right to self defend themselves. Huey was making sure that the People have their rights and we were all created equal, As said in the constitution. As Newton writes, “Forty acres and two mules were promised 100 years ago as restitution for slave labor and mass murder of Black people. We will accept the payment in currency which will be distributed to our many communities. The Germans are now aiding the Jews in Israel for the genocide of the Jewish people. The Germans murdered six million Jews. The American racist has taken part in the slaughter of over fifty million Black people; therefore, we feel that this is a modest demand that we make.” The Black Panthers wanted what the Slaves were promised to pay back for being enslaved for a debt that is much overdue and what they asking or is very generous from what they should be demanding so they had every right to use armed self-defense. In conclusion, The Black Panthers actions and decisions were never unjust, and the violent actions that were taken were needed actions.

Finally, The Black Panther Party would always have justified reasons for protective actions that took place and they had a clear message, “All the power to the people” and “Free the People”. Bobby Seale made a speech in a park in Oakland where he said not only do use blacks need to have freedom but so do the Latinos, and the Asians and the Brazilians need to have freedom. As Seale states, “Not only do we want to free all the people. But you’re going to have to free the birds and the snails and the worms and the trees and the lakes, and everything to free humanity.” The Black panthers made theses decisions in order to “Free the people”  from the oppression they’ve suffered for hundreds of years. Chinaka Hodge wrote a poem to celebrate the Black Panthers and talk about all the racism that’s gone towards African americans and that White people didn’t tell them that they used to enslave them by the hundreds for white slave masters and forced to work on the plantations. As Hodge writes, “all the people all the people that take all the power all the power all the power all the people all the people all the people all the power all the power all power to the people.” The Black panther party stood for equal rights and that all the power should be given to each and every one of the people by any means necessary.  Huey P. Newton explains why the Black Panthers decided to use armed self-defense to gain civil rights. As Newton explains, “We’ve never advocated violence, violence is inflicted upon us. But we do believe in self-defense for ourselves and for black people.”  The Black Panther Party used self-defense so that they could use it for protection not to attack other people. The Black Panther Party used self defense so that they could use it for protection not to attack other people.

In conclusion, the Black Panther Party used armed self-defense for protection and not to cause violence, The black Panther party had every right to use self-defense, and they always made their actions to benefit the message of  “All the power to the people” and  “Free the people”. Imagine being oppressed for hundreds of years and being wiped for simply wanting to take a break from work and being forced to do Back Breaking labor for hours on end and not being paid a single penny, wouldn’t you want to fight back, wouldn’t you want to punch your owner in the face, wouldn’t you want to get the same things your owner had? Then why should there be any reason for you to think the Black Panthers made undisciplined actions?


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