Azerbaijan affected by the Discontinuation of the USSR.

By Samira

On December 26th, 1991, the USSR, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, fell. Fifteen countries were part of this one big area. Currently, Russia, Central Asia, The Caucasus, the EU Borderlines, and The Baltic republics are the regions that was part of the previous USSR. When Azerbaijan separated from the Soviet Union, Azeris, the people of Azerbaijan, were affected economically and educationally. The relationship between each country also revised. The dramatic discontinuation of the Soviet Union changed Azerbaijan and other countries in Europe and Asia.

Economically, Azeris had a mixture of results. Many lost their jobs, but for some it opened new opportunities. The oil industry improved after the fall. Azerbaijan has lots of oil which Ismayilov, the former president, figured out that they did not really know how the oil was being used and where it was going when they were part of the Soviet Union. Ismayilov said, “One positive thing is that Azerbaijan has opened up connections with other countries. And the most important sector of the economy is now oil, of which we have a lot. Honestly, we never used to know where oil from Azerbaijan was going within the Soviet Union.”  There was good that happened after the split as well, such as economy building up in a way. The economy was affected since oil helped Azerbaijan get more money. After the split, the president knew where the oil was going among Azerbaijanis. For some people, the discontinuation of the USSR opened opportunities, but for many, it was a big collapse workwise. Economy differed since “Most of the people lost their job… Factories stopped working. They were no, or few job places to work in small town. However, after some time people left town to search jobs. And after some time most of them became richer than when they was in Soviet Union.”  Economically, the causes ended up differently for different people. Some lost their jobs, businesses stopped. Other became very rich when Azerbaijan split off. Society adjusted after the fall of the USSR. Many events occurred at this moment and jobs, economy, and business changed drastically. In the article, the former president said, “When the Soviet Union split, the links to other once-Soviet countries were dissolved. And now when all this linkage is broken, it is very difficult for factories to operate, and that is why a lot of people are attempting small businesses.”  This evidence explains that Azerbaijan’s economy refined afterwards because it explained the different paths people went after the Soviet Union split. After the split of the Soviet Union, economy revised a lot and altered grandly.


Education modified after the fall of the USSR and was different for Azeri children that attended school. The language switched from Russian to Azerbaijani which is one change that occurred after the split. The schools changed because they started “…Using Russian as the language of instruction to using Azerbaijani. It was even mandatory that everyone had an education in Azerbaijani.”  This proves my topic since the education altered. It changed because Azerbaijan was not part of a Russian region so the language completely differed. Azerbaijan had to change their educational books as well after the split so then the kids can learn their own language. Ismayilov said, “The second stage was the change of script from Cyrillic to Latin.”  Ismayilov’s quote explains that education modified after the split of the USSR because they had to change many lessons so then students can learn their own language, Azerbaijani instead of Russian. Not only did education change but in school, they learned religion so that changed as well. High School in Azerbaijan altered because they used to study “…atheism as a subject, and it was forced. But in spite of that, most people believed in God.”  Education did change in Azerbaijan since religion in school was taught differently that it was taught when Azerbaijan was part of the Soviet Union. After the USSR split, education, which was very different now compared to how it was before, changed drastically.


After the fall of the USSR, Azeris and other countries had different relationships between each other. The people of Azerbaijan were treated differently by the Armenians in this case and they treated Armenians a certain way also. The mindsets of the Azeri leader and Armenians were divergent. Armenians and Azeris wanted different forms for their government and how power worked, and the two countries disagreed with each other strongly. For Azerbaijan, “…force has proved more effective than diplomacy; for Armenia, this challenges its status as victor of the war and may reignite a desire for revenge.”  Azeris were effected in the way of relationships differing because Armenians and Azeris suddenly had issues among each other. Since they were part of the same region before, there was no controversy between how leadership will work, because the individual current countries did not really have a say, but since they are no longer part of the same division, there is no more altercation. The countries had battles among one another because of how one succeeded more and had better ideas and inventions, so the other country, Armenia, attempted doing actions alike Azeris did. Eventually, the began to have diverse ideas. Later on in that article, the author mentioned,  “Despite these problems, since the early 2000s the Caucasus region has gradually developed the infrastructure and the political conditions to become a transit and transportation hub, linking Europe and Asia. Azerbaijan has invested heavily in this and stands to lose the most if a war unfolds. Armenia might be tempted to play that card and raise the stakes for Azerbaijan, hitting crucial infrastructure in the war effort.”  This example shows that Azeris and Armenians no longer have the same relationship between each other because Azerbaijan had one idea and Armenians wanted to compete with the people of Azerbaijan to so who can do a certain job best. Azerbaijan’s military was prepared for wartimes with Armenia. They spent many billions of dollars for their armies. Another article stated that, “Azerbaijan’s military has spent tens of billions of dollars on a large arms buildup.”  This proves that the failure of the Soviet Union caused problems in relationships between countries because if Azerbaijan was ready for war, then there had to bad blood among the countries. Associations and fellowship between Azerbaijan and other nations altered. 

Vladimir Putin, Serge Sarkisian


Society in Azerbaijan clearly changed after the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics split. Without the fall of the USSR, economy would be different in Azerbaijan, there would still be truce between Azeris and Armenians, and students in Azerbaijan would not be very understanding of their language. Some may argue that since the Azeris did not physically move while the split happened, dramatic events could not have occurred. However, that is incorrect because the current day countries do not truce among each other like they did when they were part of the same region. In this case, Azeris and Armenians are currently fighting, education modified, and economy altered.