Animal Extinction and the Food chain

The Amur Leopard is found in the far east of Russia near mountains and in areas with rich vegetation, such as the green lands. The Amur leopard is the second most endangered species on the list of endangered animals. Currently, only forty of these magnificent animals remain in Russia. Both Russia and China hunt the leopard for their beautiful spotted fur that can be sold for large amounts of money. The Sea Lion is found in the Galapagos where they lay on the sandy beaches in large groups of families. The Sea lion is a victim of Global warming and is losing its’ territory. Global warming is  raising the temperature of the water, the water is significantly getting warmer making the sea lions more prone to contracting parasites, such as  tapeworms. Another animal that has been affected by humans invading its territory  is the Arctic wolf.  This is of particular concerns as this  can lead to endangerment to multiple animals because the Arctic Wolf keeps the food chain from over-populating. 

The Amur Leopard, Sea Lion and Arctic Wolf are all being endangered  by humans but could be avoided by stopping poaching, controlling Global Warming and not invading an  animal’s natural habitat and space. All of these problems are man-made so we can fix them by taking a different approach to the animals that are endangered and those animals who are at risk to be endangered.  leopard

The Amur Leopard is currently very endangered for reasons such as poaching. This proves that other countries should not poach these animals because it will significantly disrupts the food chain of animals to the point of potentially causing more extinction.This quote was said by the World Wild Life foundation, “The Amur leopard is poached largely for it’s beautiful, spotted fur”. This quote  said  that the Amur Leopard is “largely” poached for it fur that is very beautiful and has a spotted pattern that is wanted for selling purposes. This reflects the accuracy of  my topic sentence because it provides  an example of unnecessary poaching. You can see that these poachers are only doing this for money, and not realizing or caring how many problems this could cause in the food chain.This quote was confirmed by the World Wild Life foundation “ In 1999, an undercover investigator team recovered a female and a male Amur Leopard skin, which were being sold for $500 and 1,000 respectively in the village of Barabash, not far from the Kedrovaya pad reserve in Russia”. This quote sadly proves that there is a lot of poaching  of the Amur Leopard. This quote was vocalized that a search team in 1999 found the skins of a female and male leopard.This exhibits  that people around Russia hunt, kill and  can sell the furs to villages near them for 500 to 1,000 dollars a piece. This is horrible and repulsive because humans should not needlessly  slaughter innocent  animals regardless of the reason.  The fact that they are doing this to make profit or for fashion purposes  is even worse. I understand  that people in these countries are poor and need a way to make money but it’s very wrong as it upset the entire ecosystem that the leopard lives and relies upon. This quote was said by Sybille Klenzendorf said, a species conservation Activist “Amur Leopards are teetering on the brink of extinction with the establishment of the Land of the Leopard National park, in conjunction with other conservation efforts, we can now start to focus on how it began bringing  them back from endangerment”. I believe that Mr. Klenzendorf has the perfect mindset, because he says that Amur Leopards need to be invested in.  I think we need to invest in a sanctuary for the leopards because it won’t just save them,  it will save the animals around them.I think that this is an awesome quote that shows my topic sentence in the view that if we shift are thinking and bring in new ideas,  we could bring the Amur Leopards out of extinction along with other animals. You can distinguish from these quotes and descriptions that we need to stop poaching because it’s hurting the population of the Amur Leopard irreparably.

sea-lion  The Galapagos Sea lion is greatly impacted by Global Warming.  We can stop both of these issues by not polluting the earth. This quote was said by  Sea lion-World “In the tropics, the water temperature can affect the body temperature of the Sea lion”. This quote describes how the temperature of the water in the tropics can affect the over health and wellness of sea lions. This verifies  my topic sentences by stating  that global warming will heat up the waters of the Sea lion thereby negatively impacting the health of this marine animal. This quote was  said by Sea lion-World  “They are more susceptible to parasites and tapeworms as the temperatures get warmer, bacteria  tends to multiple faster in warmer temperatures which can cause large numbers of them to die”. This quote explains  that because of how we pollute the earth it will raise water temperature that will increase tapeworms causing the growth of very dangerous bacteria that will grow and will eventually kill a large amount of sea lions. This bolsters my topic sentence because it shows how the effects of global warming will cause water to heat up making the sea lions who live in it more vulnerable to bacteria and tapeworms. A result of this will be death of most of the sea lions.This last quote was said by Sea Lion-WorldAreas of water can dry up due to global warming, and that means their natural habitat is going to disappear”. They do have the ability to go to other bodies of water but it can be hard for them to survive there. It can also upset the balance of the ecosystem that is already in place”. This last quote explains how global warming will dry up the natural water areas that the sea lions swim and live in. They also say that the Sea lions could move to another place but likely they would have a hard time surviving and it would dismember their ecosystem.This demonstrates  my topic sentence by stating  that if  humans would not cause the temperature to rise and the water areas  to sink then,  the sea lions territory would not be disappearing, making the only option left for the Sea lions would be to move. Even though some of the Sea lions could survive, most of them would die because they would be in a new and unfamiliar ecosystem. This information shows you how dangerous Global Warming is to the Sea lions because it will take away large chunks of land and the water will get warmer which is not natural for the Sea lions.wolf

The Arctic wolf is not one of the most endangered species but sadly it is becoming one because people are coming into their territory to build pipes, roads, mines and other foreign objects that upsets their natural habitat. This quote was said by the World Wildlife Foundation “Industrial development threatens the Arctic wolf as an increasing number of mines, roads, and pipelines encroach on its territory and interrupt its food supply”. This quote explains how industrial equipment and mines, roads and pipelines will greatly impact the food chain by destroying the wolf’s natural environment. This quote proves my topic sentence because it shows you how humans infiltrating into an animal’s territory and installing various object that the wolf’s prey will be hurt by. This will cause a bump in the food chain that will then come back to hurt the Arctic wolf. This quote was said by International Wolf CenterThe wolf is a large carnivore (only eats meat) and requires a diet high in protein”. Wolves are also referred to as top-level predators because there is no other wild animal that hunts wolves to eat them.” This quote explains that the Arctic Wolf is a carnivore that needs high levels of protein to survive. It also says that wolves are one of the top predators that no other animal eats.This  proves  my topic sentence because it shows you a little bit of background information into what the wolf eats and how it’s the alpha  predator within the wilderness in which it lives. Also,  if you think about it, you can see that it would severely damage the food chain without the Arctic wolf because there would be an overgrowth of the animals. This quote was said by lrdbarcticwolfWell, in the arctic wolf’s habitat, there has been extreme weather variations in recent years”. “This causes musk, ox and arctic hares to start dying out because it is hard to find food due to the storms”. “Since this is what Arctic wolves eat, both of these animals, they had nothing to eat, so they started dying out too”. This quotes explains that the  weather changing and more heavy dangerous storms will wipe out the wolves prey which will make very hard to find food and the wolves will eventually die of hunger. This quote proves my topic sentence by saying how the weather conditions changed by global warming could severely hurt the animals around the Arctic wolf, because they would die and leave the Arctic wolf  hungry and starving.These facts and descriptions show you how bad it would affect the food chain without the Arctic wolf to keep the food chain in a normal balance.

You can see that the Amur Leopard, Sea Lion and Arctic wolf will all be separately affected by either the effects of Global warming, poaching, or invading  the animal’s territory.  Even though this might not directly affect us, it will soon come back to affect humans and how we have to control the food chain. In the end, if we can start to protect all animals on the edge of extinction,  our  world will be in balance with the animal food chain and the preciously important ecosystem.



8 thoughts on “Animal Extinction and the Food chain

  1. My granddaughter wrote and shared this article because of her passion for animals and their future survival. Please read and pass it on.
    Thanks, sherry


  2. That is so good!!! I had no idea these beautiful creatures were becoming extinct, this article really shows that. This article really educated me. I love that you quoted from professionals. This inspired me too. Let’s save the Artic wolves, Galapagos Sea Lions, and the Amur Lepoards!!! 👍🏻😀😄👍🏻


  3. This a very good descriptive article about endangered animals. This article gives me a lot of information about the type of animal and how they are endangered. I now know a lot of information about endangered animals.


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