What Abortion Rights Do you Have?

Abortions have existed ever since women started to gain control over their reproductive health. Women may need to get abortions in cases of rape, insest, or if their health is going to be affected because of having a baby. The majority of Americans support abortions in those cases, but if a woman just wants an abortion because she can not take care of a child or does not wish to have a child, the subject gets much more controversial. About 1,000,000 legal abortions have been performed every year since the Roe vs Wade decision in 1973, which ultimately made abortions legal in America. President Trump has already signed a bill involving abortion services in other countries. Pope Francis has recently been vocal about what he thinks about abortions and how that will affect the Roman Catholic Church, and Colorado passed a law making it harder for minors to receive abortions. Beliefs on the topic of abortion varies depending on religion, culture, and political affiliation. 

Many people have different views on abortion based on their political background. Typically conservatives believe that abortions should only be used in cases of rape or insest but some believe it should never be used. Liberals believe that abortions should be available in the majority of cases if not all. President Trump declared what he thinks of abortions during his campaign and now he is starting to take action on his opinions. Trump is against abortions and he recently signed a bill that makes it hard for abortion providers in other countries to do their jobs. Somini Sengupta writes, “President Trump reinstated a policy on Monday that originated in the Reagan era, prohibiting the granting of American foreign aid to health providers abroad who discuss abortion as a family-planning option.” Donald Trump does not believe in abortions because of his political affiliation and the fact that he is republican. He has made efforts to make abortions less accessible which shows he is against abortions because of his political beliefs. Tom Price, the new secretary for Health and Human Services, strongly opposes abortions and even went so far as to say that abortions are “barbaric”. Ben Tinker and Jacqueline Howard write, “Price is anti-abortion and has voted against funding for Planned Parenthood. After doctored videos of employees discussing fetal body party were published, Price characterized the organization’s practices as “barbaric.’” Planned Parenthood has called Price a “grave threat to women’s health.” Tom Price is very conservative and he strongly opposes abortions. This shows that his political affiliation changes and effects his views on abortions. In this video, women of all different ages state different historical moments about abortions every year since Roe vs Wade. This video shows how conservative women think about abortions.  In the video is My Generation Will End Abortion which shows how against abortions people can be. This video shows how conservative women think about the topic of abortions. This shows that even if you are a women you can be opposed to abortions and political affiliation differs opinions more than gender.

Religion also have their opinions on abortions and whether or not they are moral. The Roman Catholic Church has always thought of anyone who receives an abortion or participate in abortions as a sinner. Abortion has been a grave sin in the Roman Catholic Church forever but now that has changed. Liam Stack and Elisabetta Povoledo write, “The Roman Catholic Church will allow priests throughout the world to grant absolution for abortion, the Vatican said on Monday, making permanent a policy that Pope Francis announced a year ago.” Now that the Pope has said that abortions are somewhat forgivable, Christians will be more accepting of abortions. In the Bible there are many verses that talk about how killing the life inside of the womb is a sin. Many pro-life supports use these Bible verses to show that abortion is wrong. Linda Seger writes, “Those called “Pro-Life” simply state an absolute “no”. They quote various verses from the Bible that affirm Life from the womb, and God’s authority over us. (Isaiah 44, 49, Job 10, 31, Psalm 139, Amos 1:13, Romans 9:20, etc.)” Many verses in the Bible  say having an abortion is wrong. If you are Christian then your opinion on abortions will change because of what your holy scripture says. The religion of Islam is more accepting of abortions than most religions are. BBC writes, “All schools of Muslim law accept that abortion is permitted if continuing the pregnancy would put the mother’s life in real danger. This is the only reason accepted for abortion after 120 days of the pregnancy.” The religion Islam is more accepting of abortions than other religions are. Unlike Catholicism, Islam accepts abortions within the first 120 days of pregnancy. Practicing different religions sways people’s’ opinions on abortions depending on what the holy scripture says.  

Different cultures around the world have different views on abortions and whether they should be performed or not. In Colorado there was a law passed in 2003 that makes it illegal to perform an abortion on a minor without parental consent.  Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains writes,“The Parental Notification Act is a law passed by the Colorado Legislature in 2003. Under this law, if a woman under the age of 18 becomes pregnant and chooses to terminate the pregnancy, the health care provider must notify her parent or guardian 48 hours before she can have an abortion.” For young women who have parents who do not support abortions, it may be hard or impossible for them to have abortions because of this law. In Florida pro-life activists have been trying to amend the state’s constitution to make abortions punishable by death. Teddy Wilson writes, “Florida anti-choice activists have launched a campaign to amend the state’s constitution to ban abortion care and classify the procedure as first-degree murder, which under state law is punishable by the death penalty.” Even in the United States there are people who try to make abortions punishable of death under any circumstance. In North Africa and the Middle East many unsafe abortions are performed.  Rasha Dabash and Farzaneh Roudi-Fahimi write, “Unsafe abortion is one of the most neglected public health challenges in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, where an estimated one in four pregnancies are unintended.” In other cultures that don’t provide abortions, abortions do not stop. If a country makes abortion illegal, then more unsafe abortions will happen. There are few abortion clinics in Africa and the Middle East and of the few that exist most are unsanitary and not safe for the woman’s health. Depending on the areas women live in, abortions may be legal or illegal with certain laws and other factors preventing them from getting the correct medical attention.

Religion, political affiliation, and cultural background all affect how people view abortions. Women’s health is a very controversial subject around the world, but we have to ask ourselves: who is the decision really up to? Should we make it so that abortions are not available to anyone no matter the circumstance? People are so quick to judge women on how they treat their body even though it does not affect them as much as it does the women. Would you allow someone else to make all of the decisions involving your body? Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice I think we can all agree that your opinion on abortion differs because of religion, political affiliation, and cultural background.


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