Michelle Obama Let’s Move Campaign

Michelle Obama became the First Lady of the United States on November 4, 2008 when her husband Barack Obama was elected president. She started a Let’s Move campaign to end child obesity on February 9, 2010. Although some people disagree, Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign impacted child obesity. This campaign helped child obesity decrease and has received many reactions. Michelle Obama has successfully made a massive impact on ending child obesity.

The Let’s Move campaign by Michelle Obama’s goal is to end child obesity in America. Michelle Obama started her Let’s Move campaign to help American children become healthier. Many children in America grow up to become obese and Michelle Obama does not think that is fair because everyone should grow up to be healthy and fit. Debra Eschmeyer writes, “clearly stating his goal to solve the problem of childhood obesity within a generation.” Since, children are exposed to fatty foods very often Michelle helped children grow gardens so that they can eat healthier foods from the gardens that they grew themselves.

Michelle Obama

This goal was very hard to meet so Michelle had to try and figure more ways to end child obesity. Eschmeyer also states, “To meet our goal, we must accelerate implementation of successful strategies that will prevent and combat obesity.” Since she wanted children to get more exercise she started the Let’s Move campaign. This was her way of making exercise more fun. One of her strategies was to make dances to popular songs and get kids to get up and dance along with her.


Although many people may disagree this campaign has changed America for the better. Child obesity has gone down a great amount ever since this campaign and children have started exercising and eating healthier on a daily basis. Steven John Ross states, “Her efforts have really resulted in the nation as a whole I think recognizing what an important issue it is for us.” Many children in america are obese and this campaign has really helped this issue stand out and make it known to people that the amount of child obesity in America is not ok. This campaign is making child obesity decrease and decrease around America today.

The Let’s Move campaign significantly changed child obesity in America for the better. This campaign is making children healthier day by day. Many people have been impacted and have become a healthier person because this campaign has inspired them. Debra Eschmeyer wrote, “Together, we secured healthier school meals and snacks for 50 million kids.” 50 million snacks and meals were made healthier in schools. This shows how this campaign has made a big difference in many schools around America. Michelle Obama was inspired by her children to make this campaign. She wanted her children to stay healthy and active and realized that is what she wanted for every child. Michelle Obama says, “I didn’t just take this issue on as First Lady, I took it on because I’m a mother who cares deeply about the health and well-being of my daughters. I took it on because I’m a citizen who loves this country and cares deeply about the future of all of our kids. So I intend to keep working on this issue for the rest of my life.” Some people may think that Michelle thought it was her duty to make this campaign so that’s why she did it. Although that is part of the reason Michelle was actually inspired by wanting her children to lead healthy lives. Some people might argue that Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign has had no impact on child obesity however that is incorrect because, Kevin Liptak writes, “obesity dropped 43% among young children — aged 2-4 — between 2004 and 2012.” This campaign has impacted obesity in American children. Michelle is getting closer and closer to completing her overall goal which is to end child obesity in America. This campaign is very helpful and is making and will continue to make a huge impact of child obesity in America.

This campaign has gotten both negative and positive reactions. Many people disagree with the way Michelle Obama is trying to end child obesity in America. Some people are arguing that, “The first lady is taking the ‘non controversial’ route by focusing on exercise instead of nutrition,” People think that Michelle is taking the wrong approach. Instead of focusing on nutrition mainly, people think she should pay more attention to exercise. People disagree with Obama’s campaign because  they feel as if she is trying to take away the rights of people eating and doing what they want. Elise Viebeck writes,“ Obama’s ‘Let’s Move’ campaign is frequently criticized by conservatives who believe its goals are at odds with personal liberty.” Some people feel like their rights are being taken away when they are told what to eat and how to spend their time. They feel as if Michelle Obama is trying to take away their freedom to eat and drink what they want. Other people think that Michelle has made a positive impact on children today. An article from cnnnews.com states, “But she has taken some credit for the small signs that kids are leading healthier lives.” Although not all of child obesity decrease is due to this campaign, Michelle Obama can still take some credit for the decrease. Many people disagree with Michelle Obama’s tactics but she is making an impact overall.

Although many people disagree and think negatively about the Let’s Move campaign by Michelle Obama, this campaign is having a positive impact on children and helping them maintain healthy and stable lives. Michelle Obama was a great first lady and will continue all of her projects until her goals are completed.


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