Sample Post Period 1

For our first research project of the year, we will be focusing on completing high quality, exhaustive research.   To begin, each student will need to choose a topic that interests him/her.

Our broad topic for this first project is Social Change.  To Kill a Mockingbird does not so much depict sweeping social change as much as the time before change (The American Civil Rights Movement) began For your topic, it will be important to choose a specific event or small series of events that you can study and explain the impact that those events had on society.  A few suggestions are below:


End of Communism in Europe March on Washington Vietnam War protests Women’s Suffrage in the U.S. Sit-in Campaigns
The Scottsboro Boys The Freedom Rides The Black Panther Party The Harlem Renaissance Cesar Chavez – the farmworkers movement
Japanese Internment Nelson Mandela –Apartheid in S. Africa Jackie Robinson – The Sports Color Barrier Post 9/11 Religious Intolerance The Environmental Movement
The Women’s Movement Jesse Owens – 1936 Olympics Kent State Shooting The Birmingham Bus Boycott Egyptian Revolution / Arab Spring
Martin Luther King Jr.


Rosa Parks Malcolm X Emmett Till Mike Brown or Trayvon Martin Movements

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